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Las Vegas Water Damage Restoration

Water damage can both ruin your property and affect your health. Anyone who thinks his or her home might be subject to water damage should call Water Damage Las Vegas for a free consultation. Our professionals will ensure that every bit of damage is removed from your home.

Restoration 24/7 of Las Vegas

Water Damage Las Vegas is ready to help you through any water damage and repair needs you have. Water Damage Las Vegas is made up of a team of professional technicians that work quickly and efficiently to remove all signs of water damage, and fully restore your belongings. Our team works with the latest technology, and is IIRC certified. Water Damage Las Vegas can help with issues ranging from a broken or burst pipe, to a flooded basement or leaky roof, so for any and all water damage related needs, or for a free consultation, call us today.

Water Damage Las Vegas’ first step in dealing with your water damage issue will be to locate the source of the water damage. This stage is imperative in ensuring that we can stop the flow of the water damage, to ensure the as few of your belongings as possible get affected by the water damage. We then use the latest technology to engage in a water allocation and dehumidification process. This process ensures that all the water from within your walls is removed.

Once the water is removed from within your walls, our team starts to work on the restoration process. This restoration processes begins through the removal of all germs and mold from your property. The removal of germs and mold is imperative in ensuring your health, and the safety of your belongings. Once this stage is completed we can begin to work on the final stage, the complete restoration of your property and belongings. Water Damage Las Vegas restoration team aims at complete satisfaction, thus our restoration team works till your belongings are restored to a better state than they were in prior to the water damage.

Water Damage Las Vegas has a number of varying teams to deal with all of your water damage related needs. Specifically our flood restoration team can help you through any flooding that your house might be undergoing, whether it be in the roof or basement, or due to natural causes, such as a hurricane or a storm, or unnatural causes, such as a burst pipe. For all your needs, Water Damage Las Vegas is here for you along every step of the journey. Call us for a free consultation today

Our services

  • Carpet Drying & MoreCarpet Drying & More
  • Basement DryingBasement Drying
  • Flood Damage RestorationFlood Damage Restoration
  • Sewage Clean UpsSewage Clean Ups
  • Water Damage RestorationWater Damage Restoration
  • Water ExtractionWater Extraction
Hassle Free, Licensed & Insured !Call now(702) 979-7737(702) 979-7737

Flood & Water Damage Repair

  • Water damage restoration- the structural integrity of your home may weaken as a result of humidity, flooding, and moisture, byproducts of water damage. The result of this is weakened floors, walls, and ceiling. Our team immediately repairs your damage; so that your property’s structural integrity is not affected.
  • Insurance approved vendor- we are recognized by most major insurance companies, and may even bill your insurance company directly
  • Sewage cleanup- we work with all haste to clean the sewage up from your property, so that we can stop the proliferation of germs and insure that your health is not compromised
  • Pack out services- we provide a pack out service, so that we can remove your belongings from the affected area to ensure they will not further get damaged or ruined.
  • Water damage drying- our team provides expertise in all the varying forms of water damage restoration, no matter where the water damage originated from.

Mold Removal & Testing

  • Free inspection- our team provides complementary examination of your property to ensure that no mold exists. Mold can cause a variety of health complications, such as fever, rashes, and respiratory complications. To ensure that you and your loved ones are not affected we work to remove all traces of mold
  • Mold testing- our experiences team of professionals has vast knowledge on all different types of mold. We use the latest technology to ensure that all existing mold is removed. This is extremely important, especially if you live with small children, the elderly, someone with lung disease or someone with immune suppression, as all these people are most affected by the health complications of mold.
  • Mold damage restoration- our staff works efficiently and thoroughly to remove all mold from within your home, and restore your property to the best condition possible
  • Air quality testing- in order that we might find all various traces of mold, Water Damage Las Vegas checks the quality of the air within your property. This is done so that all the mold may be located and removed, before you start to experience health complications.

Sewage Damage Cleanup

  • Free inspection- our team provides a free inspection of all the sewers in close proximity to you home, in order that we may immediately end the influx of damage, and stop any further potentially hazardous results.
  • Sewage removal- we remove all the sewage and waste from your home. After our team has completed the sewage removal process, we begin to sanitize your property
  • Cleanup and disinfection- we remove all the various forms of germ, bacteria, and viruses cased by the water damage. Removal of all forms of bacteria is essential in assuring that you, and the people that you love, remain in good health, as the bacteria can often jeopardize one’s health. We ensure that all strange odors, mildew, and moisture, are removed from your home.
  • Dry out and repairs- our team starts to dry out and dehumidify those belongings which have been affected by water damage, to secure that they will not be affected by moisture damage as well. Water Damage Las Vegas then rechecks your property to ensured no traces of water damage remains